In an age where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, many people are scrambling to stay current. Today, a college graduate may work for as many companies in their first 10 years after graduation at their parents did in their entire career! The career paths our children will follow may not even exist yet! The best way adults can help them succeed is to encourage continuous learning, improve individual mobility, and foster a growth mind-set in our children.

This summer, explore your future!

The STEAM process itself allows students to explore through curiosity, play and Hands On learning. Through the 2020 SciTech STEAM Camps, campers can explore 12 different possible careers.


Morning Session (PreK - 8th Grade)

Afternoon Session (1st - 8th Grade)

Week 1

June 8 – 12

Discover how animals live and thrive! Dissect a creature, discuss food chains, and design a healthy enclosure for an animal in a zoo.

Imagine what the world looked like millions of years ago! Use scientific knowledge of the rock cycle, fossils, and artifacts to study ancient life.

Week 2

June 15 – 19

How does an instrument make sound? What is the best shape for flying? Can you grow plants from a greeting card? Experiment and make your own invention!

Technology is the wave of the future! Discover what is inside a computer, create QR codes, and program Ozobots.

Week 3

June 22 – 26

Explore nutrition and how food preparation changes ingredients. Discover the chemistry of fermentation. Create a new recipe every day!

Taste sweet science! Confectioners use STEAM to create candy. Discover chemistry, get into physics, and explore a new sweet each day.

Week 4

June 30 – July 2


Week 5

July 7 – 9


Campers will build and program robots, code a video game, and build a motorized vehicle. Age appropriate projects and challenges will ensure the kids are having fun learning all about STEM!

Taught by Chasewood Learning

PreK-2nd grade will explore the world of vehicles, using LEGO engineering kits. Campers 3rd-8th grade will discover how race cars work, from design to testing. Be sure to come on July 9 to watch the head to head competition of these prototype race cars! 

Taught by Chasewood Learning


3 Days Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-12pm

Price of Tech Week for PreK-8th Grade

Register BEFORE April 15, 2020: $150

Between April 16-May 31, 2020: $175

Register AFTER June 1, 2020: $200

Week 6

July 13 – 17

Imagine living in outer space! How do rockets launch and navigate in the solar system? What are the different roles on board a space station?

Explore your own backyard and learn about the plants and animals of Illinois. You will also develop and practice survival skills.

Week 7

July 20 – 24

Explore different slime activators, pH factors, and experiment with frozen carbon dioxide. Discover chemical reactions that change the world you live in!

Develop your own design and build it during this Hands On week! From chemistry to mechanics, find out how engineers build our world.

Week 8

July 27 – 31

Since animals can’t talk, how do humans know how to take care of them? Explore animal behavior, learn to take vitals, and compare animal anatomy.

The human body is an amazing and complicated system! Learn about basic first aid, extract DNA samples, and work with microscopes.

Before and Aftercare available!

SciTech Summer Camps begin at 9:00am and end at 4pm. If you need to drop your camper off earlier or pick your camper up later, you can add before an after care to your registration. 

Affordable Summer Camps

With Early Bird (before April 15) and Membership discounts, SciTech Summer Camps are a great deal! Families can save even more by signing up for a package deal.


Tuesday – Thursday, 9am-12pm

Register BEFORE April 15: $100

Between April 16-May 31: $125

Register AFTER June 1: $150

Individual summer camp sessions are sold as 3-day morning sessions ONLY. Click Click “Show individual events” to choose sessions separately.

Nano Camp Package

Sign up for all eight weeks of summer camp (June 10 – July 30) for $750. This package saves $150 over the individual session costs!

1st-2nd Grade     3rd-5th Grade     6th-8th Grade

Monday – Friday       Mornings 9am-12pm      Afternoons 1pm-4pm

Register BEFORE April 15: $150 per session

Between April 16-May 31: $175 per session

Register AFTER June 1: $200 per session

Individual summer camp sessions are sold as EITHER a 5-day morning session OR a 5-day afternoon session. The topics are different for each session. Choose your camper’s grade level from the links below. Click “Show individual events” to choose sessions separately.

Elementary and Junior High Camp Packages

Sign up for all eight weeks of summer camp (June 9 – July 31) for $1,800. This package saves $300 over the individual session costs! Please select the grade level for your camper to register for a summer camp package.

Need-based Scholarships are also available! Link coming soon!

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