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In 1988, Ernest Malamud, a physicist at FermiLab, had a dream for the future. He reached out to his friends, his co-workers, and his community and together, they created a reality that has touched MILLIONS of people. What started as one man’s dream of the future has become the reality of SciTech Hands On Museum where children and adults alike explore knowledge and discover concepts and imagine THEIR future.

Now, it’s our turn! We invite YOU to join in the dream! Community members and museum supporters can donate to SciTech Hands On Museum online and help fund future generations. This is the very core of what made one man’s dream an influential and growing reality: community members coming together to build something new. While any contribution is greatly appreciated, SciTech would like to highlight the following gift amounts:

Give $10

Sponsor a Discovery Day for one (1) underprivileged child for just $10

Give $50

Five (5) special needs children can discover SciTech with your $50 sponsorship.

Give $100

You can sponsor a Discovery Day at SciTech for ten (10) disadvantaged children for $100.

Give $500

You will sponsor 60 children for a SciTech Discovery Day when you give $500.

Choose an amount

It’s SCIENCE! Research has found that altruistic behavior can trigger the brain’s reward circuitry – the feel-good chemicals such as dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin!

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